Some parents think self-defense is the only thing kids get from martial arts..

Kicking for Kids is a specially designed martial arts program that teaches children the values of life.

When people work hard for something, generally they get rewarded, thats where the Kicking for Kids program can help your child by instilling the life skills of working hard (determination), never giving up (perseverance) and always being honest (integrity). Through these life skills, children are able to understand that not everything in life is free, but when you work for something of value and achieve that goal, it is well worth the effort.  

Now everything that mom and dad (role models) have been stressing for years are also taught by the instructors (mentors), and the children see the values in a different light. With the parents and instructors working with the same common goal in mind (a successful child), we can instill life skills that will last a lifetime.

Kicking for Kids provides an integrated, comprehensive martial arts instruction!
Our instruction is customized to build on the way kids learn and develop. This program encourages achievement, growth, and success by offering awards for outstanding performance in class, school, home, or in a martial arts tournament.

By participating in Kicking for Kids, your child will gain valuable knowledge and skills that allow them to excel socially and academically. The martial arts skills learned are also a great way to boost confidence and enhance their physical strength and fitness. North Metro Martial Arts helps to encourage personal victory and goal-setting with an organized belt ranking system that inspires students to always strive for that next level of achievement.

Martial Arts Helps Children Reach Their Full Potential
Many parents have really smart kids, but they just have a hard time focusing, and getting their work done. As a result, their grades begin to suffer and most often, so does their self-esteem. Martial arts helps our students with their focus and helps them pay attention in school.

Problems with Bullies?
It’s never easy listening to your child talk about being picked on in school by a bully. As a parent, you want to feel safe about sending your child to school. Unfortunately every school has a bully in some form or another. But what if your child knew how easy it was to deal with those bullies in a non-violent way?

Not the “Team Sports” type child, but they crave physical activity?
Does your kid love running around and exercising, but just doesn’t seem to fit into team sports? they are not alone.  Many kids are like this and team sports are not for everyone.  In many cases team sports can hurt your child’s self-esteem if they are not cut out to do the type of sport they are playing.   HOWEVER, your child could be a shining athlete that has not found the right sport to excel in.  Martial arts just may be the thing they are looking for to help them develop natural dexterity, and athletic abilities.

ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity Problems?
Some kids can’t sit still because they have this never ending energy source and they don’t know how to relax and take a few deep breaths. If only they could find a way to be calm, their lives would change for the better?  Many people think medication is the only thing that can help – but they don’t feel comfortable with it. They want a natural, healthy way to help their child.  We are not saying medicines are bad, just that you might think of martial arts as another form of medication that is good for them!