The Kicking for Kids Foundation provides traditional martial arts instruction during the week, evenings, and Saturdays. In addition to general curriculum, we offer weapons, grappling, and other specialized classes.

The foundation also supports several programs that offer opportunities for its students to develop life skills and pro-social behavior; school-based training. Through a partnership with local schools, instructors are available to go into the classroom and provide 15 to 30-minute demonstrations and lessons on self-defense, bullying, discipline, respect, and leadership.

General Programming:
Martial arts is a combination of both physical and mental elements that improve a child’s balance and coordination; strengths, physical and motor skills; awareness and attention; patience and determination; sensory and speech; and, social skills. 

Working with children with all abilities, classes are integrated and tailored to fit each student’s developmental needs. Our comprehensive program encourages personal victory and goal-setting within a belt ranking system that inspires students to always strive for the next level of achievement.

After School
The foundation provides transportation from local schools to a 4-day after-school program that includes snack, martial arts instruction, supervised play, and time to do homework. Currently, the studio has participants from six (6) Cobb County schools.  The program runs from after school until 6 pm.

Students are provided opportunities to build their leadership skills through community outreach activities.  

These include an annual board breaking event to raise money for scholarships and local nonprofits; participation in awareness walks; providing meals to local first responders; clothing and toy drives for domestic violence shelters; etc.  If you would like our students to volunteer for your organization, please contact us today!

In partnership with the local school system, and other youth serving organizations, the foundation offers bi-weekly mentoring to students who are considered at-risk. Students are referred by their teachers, school counselors, and their parents.

The mentoring program integrates martial arts instruction with a safety, bully awareness, and confidence-building interactive program.  Instructors also go into the schools where the visit the students in their classrooms and eat lunch with them.  All of our instructors are approved mentors through the Cobb County School District.